Super Stamina, Susan Simmons

Super Stamina, Susan Simmons

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

49-year-old Susan Simmons took 33 hours to swim 70 km on August 23rd in a two-way crossing of Cowichan Lake in British Columbia, Canada.

In late October, 29-year-old Chloë McCardel will attempt to swim 128 km course between her start from the southern tip of Eleuthera and her anticipated finish at the island of Nassau.

But back in fresh water, Simmons will attempt to make her own mark on the marathon swimming world and swim farther than fellow Canadian Vicki Keith who swam 104 km in a 56 hour 10 minute two-way crossing of Lake Ontario in 1987. Next August 2015, Simmons will attempt a 105 km two-way crossing of Cowichan Lake in Canada.

Her website is here.

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