The Support Behind Marathon Swimmers

The Support Behind Marathon Swimmers

What the media and public see when a marathon swimmer completes his or her event is a triumph of endurance and will.

A swimmer’s battle against the elements and their superhuman test of mental and physical strength are feats to be celebrated and emulated.

But what the media and public do not necessarily see is the tremendous amount of planning, logistics and support – financial, emotional and operational – of others. This support is just as part of the swimmer’s success as the swimmer’s efforts themselves.

The guidance, assistance and support of escort boat pilots, support crew, coaches, paddlers, spouses and parents – both on land and on the water – are absolutely essential for success.

Marcos Diaz of the Dominican Republic is no difficult – except he takes it to a whole new level.

This coming week, Marcos will be in New York City to attend meetings with several United Nations Ambassadors regarding his upcoming One Man – Five Continents – Many Voices project where he will swim between five continents with four tough swims. In his Swim Across The Continents with the United Nations, he will touch eight countries – and the political and logistical planning involved goes way beyond just arranging for boat pilots.

His first swim will unite Oceania to Asia when Marcos swims from Wutung Village in Papua New Guinea to Mabo in Jayapura, Indonesia. The second swim will unite Asia to Africa with a swim from Perim Island in Mayyun, Yemen to the coast of Fagal in Djibouti. The third swim will unite Africa to Europe from Marruecos, Morocco to Tarifa, Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar.

The final swim will unite Europe to the Americas when Marcos replicates Lynne Cox‘s famous 1987 swim between Big Diomedes Island in Russia to Little Diomedes Island in Alaska.

His logistical and operational challenge is truly a test of endurance and requires unique skills and saintly patience.

Marcos has already garnered the support of the UN Under Secretary-General for Public Information, the Dominican Republic Ambassador, the Deputy Director of the UN Millennium Campaign and the UN Representatives of Djibouti, Indonesia, Senegal, Papua New Guinea, Yemen, Morocco, Spain, Russia and the US for his swim video shown here.

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Steven Munatones