Support Of The Olympic Marathon Swimmers

Support Of The Olympic Marathon Swimmers

The family, friends and fans’ support of the Olympic marathon swimmers was overwhelming in London.

Many groups were colorfully outfitted in specially designed shirts or hats, and many wove their country flags in support of their favorite athletes.

There was Team Lurz of Germany,

And Team Kida of Japan,

And Team Mellouli of Tunisia,

And Team Gianniotis of Greece,

And Team Ryckeman of Belgium,

And Team Aziz of Egypt,

And Team Weinberger of Canada,

And Team Stoychev of Bulgaria,

And Team Anderson of USA,

And Team Meyer of the USA.

And all the other teams, clubs, groups, organizations and fans…

…who passionately cheered for their Olympic heroes…

…and all the athletes who swum around the Serpentine.

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Steven Munatones