Support On The High Seas

Support On The High Seas

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina led the Pan-American Colibrí Swimmers* into the 16°C (61°F) Pacific Ocean on its cross-border swim to Playas de Tijuana in Mexico on May 5th.

Whether a pod of swimmers is training for a race or simply for enjoyment on weekend swim – or there is a relay of channel swimmers going for a record or just to see if they can achieve a major feat, it is so wonderful to see the camaraderie and teamwork of swimmers in the ocean all pitching in and helping one another,” observed Steven Munatones.

The swimmers are usually their own first responders in an emergency, but much more likely they all serve as each other’s motivators and supporters. They also help each other by pacing, feeding, cheering and providing logistical and navigational assistance for the team and their mutual purpose and joint goals.”

The Colibrí Swim members included swimmers Kimberley Chambers (New Zealand), Oded Rahav (Israel), Jean Craven (South Africa), Antonio Argüelles (Mexico), Nicolene Steynberg (South Africa), Rene Martínez Saenz (Mexico), Ben Enosh (Israel/USA), Ryan Nelson (USA), Melissa King (USA), Nora Toledano (Mexico), Neil Macaskill (South Africa), Luc Chetboun (Israel), Dan Simonelli (USA), and Mariel Hawley (Mexico) with escort kayakers Tom Hecker (USA), Kevin Eslinger (USA), Billy Carlson (USA), Matt Donoghue (USA), Haden Ware (USA), Anna Lopez and the Out of the Boat Team (Mexico), and Kala Sherman-Presser (USA) as well as Madswimmer organizers Nicolene Steynberg and Kamini Moodley (both of South Africa).

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