Surfing, Yes...Swimming, For Sure

Surfing, Yes…Swimming, For Sure

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

While Webber Wave Pools are meant for surfers who would create a dynamic market for their artificial wave pools, we think that these types of wave pools would serve as outstanding training facilities for triathletes and ocean swimmers interested in learning how to deal with the dynamics of the open water.

Triathletes and ocean swimmers, including channel and marathon swimmers, could train in the following ways in Webber Wave Pools:

* swim in the opposite direction of the waves and current
* swim through the waves in one direction and return in the opposite direction for bodysurfing and railroading practice
* learn how to breathe properly in turbulent, wavy conditions
* learn how to maintain a properly streamlined body position while swimming in ocean swells
* learn how to draft efficiently off of other swimmers through waves and whitewater
* learn to feed effectively in wavy conditions
* practice night swimming with the lights turned off
* practice bodysurfing to the finish or T1 transition
* practice dolphining with the waves and against the waves

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Steven Munatones