Survivors Fear No Pier Down The California Coast

Survivors Fear No Pier Down The California Coast

After a long night, an entire morning, and most of the afternoon swimming around 19 piers along the California coast, the 14 swimmers who started the Fear No Pier stage swim have been reduced to a handful.

As predicted but in unexpected ways, the Fear No Pier adventure has not been easy. “We have almost walked as much as we have swam. We’ve had to walk long distances in the sand and down rocks to get to some of the piers,” explains Scott Zornig.

We had no problems around the piers throughout Los Angeles County, but around the Long Beach Pier, the lifeguards came out and flashed their lights at us in their boat. We have swum into fishing lines and we swam near a seal rookery (nursing area) and some other interesting places at night.”

Yeah some fisherman has specifically casting his life right at me, aiming for us,” recalls Julian Rusinek.

Tanya cut her foot and blood was gushing out,” says Lynn Kubasek. “So she went home, but she came back and is still swimming with us.” But the survivors are making their way down the coast en route to their finish 8 piers from the Huntington Beach pier that they just swam around in 2-3 foot surf. “It has been amazing the difference in the ocean between the night and day. It is so calm at night. We should finish after 11 pm tonight,” explains Zornig.

Upper photo taken underneath the Huntington Beach Pier shows Lynn Kubasek, Julian Rusinek, Ray Meltvedt, Theo Schmeeckle, Natalie Merrow, Tanya MacLean, and Scott Zornig just after finishing their 19th stage swim around the pier.

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