Svalbard Ice Swimming Was An Bold Adventure

Svalbard Ice Swimming Was An Bold Adventure

After organizing the Antarctica Ice Kilometer Swim* in Mikkelsen Bay in Antarctic in 2018 and other ice swimming events under extreme conditions over the years, International Ice Swimming Association founder Ram Barkai headed northwards this month (to 79.59°N 25.29°E).

Together with Medical Director Michal Starosolski, they offered an Ice Mile, an Ice Kilometer, and the 500m freestyle in the 0.00°C water and 0.00°C air temperatures at the Svalbard Ice Swimming Adventure, held in Svalbard, Norway within the Arctic Circle.

The Ice Kilometer saw an international field with Elina Mäkinen (28, Finland), Filip Jicha (52, Czech Republic), Filip Jicha (18, Czech Republic), Hassan Baraka (35, Morocco), Joshua Ackerman (23, South Africa), Marion Joffle (23, France), Paolo Chiarino (55, Italy), Peggy Henning (54, Germany), Petar Stoychev (45, Bulgaria), Ram Barkai (64, South Africa), and Samantha Whelpton (36, South Africa).

The 500m freestyle had Ellery McGowan (75, Australia), Filip Jicha (18, Czech Republic), and Marketa Jichova (44, Czech Republic) while the Ice Mile had Craig Lenning (42, USA), Neil Hopkins (40, South Africa), and Peggy Henning (54, Germany) in the distant event.

Henning had completed one previous Ice Mile (in a pool in Volendam, Netherland in 4.97°C water) and added to her prolific ice swimming resume.

* Clinton Le SueurDiego López DominguezWyatt Song, Petar Stoychev, Victoria MoriJean Craven, and  Ram Barkai participated in the Antarctica Ice Kilometer Swim in Mikkelsen Bay in the Southern Ocean along the Antarctic Peninsula in November 2018.

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