Swelling, Swimming Swole

Swelling, Swimming Swole

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

My stomach is swollen.”

My face looks fat.”

I look pudgy, don’t take a picture!

These are examples of comments made by open water swimmers after long training or solo swims.


It could be because of third spacing, a temporary condition where an open water swimmer’s body appears to be waterlogged or swollen. This is caused because either fluid is trapped in the interstitial spaces in the abdomen and extremities or there is a loss of electrolytes that results in extracellular fluids going out of the blood vessels and into the skin tissue that normally is not perfused with fluids.

It can also be caused by swallowing an abnormal amount of water during the swim which usually goes down by the next day.

Photo shows Guy Cohen looking swole during his 40 km training swim today in preparation for his upcoming 24-hour memorial Swim from the Heart in Israel.

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Steven Munatones