Swim 4 Freedom 30 Mile 30 Day Challenge, A Huge Success

Swim 4 Freedom 30 Mile 30 Day Challenge, A Huge Success

Swim 4 Freedom 30 Mile 30 Day Challenge, A Huge Success

Courtesy of Steele Whowell, Swim 4 Freedom, Geneva Lake, Wisconsin. Special Operations Warrior Foundation 40th Anniversary video with actor, director, musician, producer and philanthropist Gary Sinise.

For years, Steele Whowell was tirelessly and relentlessly organized and promoted the charity swim Swim 4 Freedom in Geneva Lake, Wisconsin.

Despite the pandemic and lockdown, Whowell put on his event. He reports, “Swim 4 Freedom 30 Mile / 30 Day Challenge is officially complete. I want to thank everyone who participated and/or supported us in 2020. It was certainly a little different this year under the circumstances, but it was inspiring to see all the wonderful participation and support. Swimming 30 miles in 30 days is no small feat and I want to congratulate all the swimmers for their commitment and dedication to this 30-Day Challenge.

I am proud to announce that Swim 4 Freedom 2020 raised over US$50,000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation this year. This shattered our goal of US$30,000 for this year’s event and brings our total fundraising, over the past 12 years, to just under US$400,000 for the Foundation. I want to give a special thanks to Karl Peterson and his supporters. Karl not only swam over 30 miles in 30 days, but he also was able to raise over US$35,000 for his swim alone – he raised US$1000 per mile. The Top 5 fundraisers received prizes donated by Gordy’s Marine and Gordy’s Boat House, for the great work they did

Top 5 Fundraisers:
1. Karl Peterson
2. John Riley
3. Glen Hampton
4. Steve Juiris
5. Amanda Tucker

Whowell continues, “This year the Special Operations Warrior Foundation has received its 14th consecutive 4 Star (the highest) rating from Charity Navigator. This rating is based on transparency and accountability of funds. This puts this Foundation in the Top 1% of all foundations that Charity Navigator audits. All contributions go directly to supporting the children of fallen Special Operations Warriors. The Foundation is extremely grateful for the support – especially this year because so many fundraising events have been canceled. United States Special Forces make up only 1% of the U.S. military, but account for over 75% of all combat fatalities. The Foundation looks after the families of these elite operators.”

For more information, visit www.swim4freedom.org.

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