Swim Across America Is Making Waves To Fight Cancer

Swim Across America Is Making Waves To Fight Cancer

Swim Across America is, by far, the most successful open water swimming charity organization, having raised over $40,000,000 since its inception in 1987. And, its growth is continuing to steamroll upwards to the appreciation of its cancer research beneficiaries.

We had an incredible year last year, after coming off of 2010 with revenue growth of over 50%,” explained President Janel Jorgensen McArdle. “In 2011, we saw over 20% growth and are on target to gross over $5.5 million in 2012. It wouldn’t be possible without all of the hard work and dedication of the swimmers, donors, sponsors, volunteers and race directors.”

The 2012 Swim Across America open water swimming season kicked off in Tampa Bay, Florida that benefitted the Moffitt Cancer Center. “Led by Rob Shapiro, Alicia Reyes, Jim Sirignano, Trent Fraebel, Amanda Wisniewski and others, they are doing an incredible job. We are so lucky to have them,” says Janel.

We also have a new partnership with Endless Pools. Swim Across America is offering a sweepstakes through October to win an Endless Pool or a free trip to Hawaii.

There is so much ‘good’ happening right now. It is all due to all the incredible people that weave the fabric of who we are. I always tell people that I am blessed to have my job

Good on you, Janel and team. All the way across America.

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Steven Munatones