Swim Across Catalina For Africa

Swim Across Catalina For Africa

Swim Across Catalina For Africa

Courtesy of WOWSA, Catalina Channel, California.

Mark Dahlin was a former competitive swimmer who picked up open water swimming a few years ago.

His newly found passion is now geared towards raising money and building much-needed water wells in Africa.

Dahlin and Cary Sheehan, Ryan Vinall, Barry Nugent, and Bill Monroe will attempt a charity relay across the 32.3 km Catalina Channel in order to raise money for bringing clean water in deep, bore-hole wells to remote village in Africa together on September 14th.

They are organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Water Wells for Africa. Dahlin explains, “All donations are 100% tax deductible. We will raise money to benefit Water Wells For Africa; all donations large or small will help make a huge impact in the lives of thousands especially children who are the most vulnerable to water-borne illness–the leading cause of death.”

8,000 children will died today from contaminated water sources.

The Catalina crossing wim has been a lifelong dream and is now becoming a reality with a renewed vision to bring the first clean sustainable water to remote African villages. Not only do these deep-well bore-holes save thousands of lives, but also allows girls to attend school, water for hygiene, and village crops. Clean water is the first step out of water poverty.

WWFA supports rural African communities by providing sustainable water sources, hygiene education, and generally reducing health risks associated with contaminated water. Since 1996 more than 300,000 have received—and continue to benefit from—fresh, clean, water because of WWFA and our dedicated supporters.(/em>”

Dahlin and his swimmers will host a charity dinner at US$100 per plate for their worthy cause on September 12th at the Historic Beach House in Santa Monica, California.

To listen to Dahlin’s story, mission, and recent interview with his former swim coach and radio host Terry Palma here. For more information about the Water is Life for Africa campaign and September crossing, visit Dahlin’s GoFundMe page here.

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