Swim Camp Catalina IV

Swim Camp Catalina IV

Yoga on the beach led by Asha Allen

Janet Manning, Lynn Kubasek and Asha Allen jumping for joy

Content courtesy of Scott Zornig on Santa Catalina Island, California. Swim Camp Catalina was envisioned and co-founded by Scott Zornig and Jamie Patrick and co-hosted with Lynn Kubasek.

The popular camp is now in its fourth year and will be next held on November 9th – 12th.

“We will stay in the seasonal cabins at Two Harbors, a small village located on the west end of Santa Catalina Island. The overflow will reside at nearby Casa Santa Rosa, Casa Santa Cruz and the Banning House Lodge. This year’s event is limited to 60 campers.

Two Harbors is a small resort village with only one restaurant, one snack bar, and one general store. The village has about 150 permanent residents who live on the isthmus year-round. Two Harbors is named for the two harbors where most of our swimming will take place. Banning Harbor is on the leeward/northern side of the isthmus and Cat Harbor is located on the windward/southern side.

Swimmers can expect high visibility with water temperature ranging anywhere from 60-68°F.

Plan to explore the numerous coves and sea caves near our venue while viewing the abundant sea life. Campers may also enjoy land sports including yoga, hiking and mountain biking while possibly catching a glimpse of Catalina’s free-roaming buffalo population,” describes Zornig.

Fees of US$395 per person [until August 31st] include room, 3 dinners, 1 lunch, boat transportation to and from San Pedro, and insurance. Fees increase to US$475 after September 1st.

The non-profit camp has grown steadily from 42 swimmers in 2014 to 54 individuals in 2015 and 67 swimmers in 2016. The camp is limited to 60 campers this year.

Zornig explains, “Our swim camps are a place for like-minded adults to come together and share their love of open water swimming. Unlike many adult swim camps, we do not offer stroke analysis or coaching. Campers simply swim as much or as little as they chose. Schedules are loosely written so that swimmers can workout, relax and socialize in a resort setting amongst peers. There are few requirements other than to practice safe swimming and have fun.

We plan our camps during months when many are looking for a break from the winter cold. The average air temperature is 67°F in Catalina in November. Water temperatures average 65°F with near-perfect conditions and clear visibility due to the protected location of each venue

Swim Camp Catalina IV is planned for November 9th to 12th 2017. For more information on Swim Camp Catalina IV, visit here or contact camp director Scott Zornig via email at scottzornig@gmail.com.

Other swim camps organized by Zornig include the Swim Camp Mexico in March 2018 and Swim Camp Panama also to be held in 2018.

Swim Camp Catalina 2016 video courtesy of Al Jaurique. Copyright © 2008-2017 by World Open Water Swimming Association
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