Swim Caps On Professional Marathon Swimmers

Swim Caps On Professional Marathon Swimmers

Swim Caps On Professional Marathon Swimmers

Courtesy of Maxime Lamontagne, lac St-Jean, Quebec, Canada.

Maxime Lamontagne takes many fascinating – and interestingly subtle – photographs.

His recent work at the FINA/CNSG Marathon Swim World Series 10 km race at the 2019 Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean held in Quebec, Canada on July 21st offered interesting insights on the swim caps worn by professional marathon swimmers.

You can see 2016 Olympian Anna Olasz of Hungary wearing her Arena swim cap with light brown tape to hold her swim cap in place, especially when the swim cap may come off in a race due to physicality.  This is commonplace among many professional marathon swimmers that helps their swim caps stay on their heads.

You can also see the Canadian swimmers in the photo on left.

The two swimmers appear to have two swim caps on: a green undercap on the swimmer on left and a black undercap on the swimmer on right.

Both swimmers are wearing a Canadian (CAN) top cap.  The two swim caps are an insurance that at least one swim cap will remain holding their hair throughout a competitive swim where they may be much physicality.

lac St-Jean.Women’s 10 km Results:
  1. Rachele Bruni, Italy 2:03:56.4
  2. Anna Olasz, Hungary 2:04:00.3
  3. Caroline Jouisse, France 2:04:03.2
  4. Stephanie Horner, Canada 2:04:08.8
  5. Kenna Smallegange, Canada 2:05:47.4
  6. Morgane Dornic, France 2:05:51.6
  7. Alice Franco, Italy 2:07:01.5
  8. Andrea Terriault, Canada 2:10:53.0
  9. Alexandra Bougie, Canada 2:11:17.9
  10. Gabrielle Savard, Canada 2:13:11.2
  11. Heidi Ullrich, Canada 2:17:55.6
  12. Dania Belisle, Canada 2:20:47.9
  13. Elise Bolger, Canada 2:28:41.3
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