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Lauren Tischendorf

Lauren has recently become the first woman to swim in a solo, single session, circumnavigating the 32 km's around Lord Howe Island facing countless sharks, two hours of currents, 25 knot winds and 2.5 metre swell.A lover of water and the joy, flow and tranquility the ocean provides led to a new epic challenge for current, reigning female New South Wales 5km

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Neil Brinkworth

Neil Brinkworth is an open water swimmer who lives in Plymouth in the UK. In two 2019 he swam the English Channel and raised over £10,000 for two charities, Brain Tumour Research and St Lukes Hospice Plymouth.On 23rd July 2019, he completed a solo crossing of the English Channel (E/F) in 17hrs 49 mins at the age of 47. He swan under the Channel Swimming and

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Ram Barkai

Ram Barkai is an Israeli-born extreme swimmer and ice swimming administrator from Cape Town, South Africa. He has inspired people through his extreme swims and extraordinarily positive view of life and its challenges. He started swimming at the age of 40 years after damaging both knees in aikido training in Tokyo. He is the co-host of The ICE Series. Open

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Mayra Santos

Mayra Santos is (born 12 June 1979 in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil) is an open water swimmer and former competitive swimmer from Santa Cruz, Madeira Island, Portugal. She is a swim guide for Swim Together in Portugal. Open Water Swimming Highlights ?In 2016, she completed a 18 km crossing in the Canary Islands. No Portuguese swimmer had yet

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