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CARINA BRUWER is one of Africa’s most decorated female open water marathon swimmers, as well as an internationally renowned contemporary flute player, successful entrepreneur, producer, Mother-of-Three.

When it comes to swimming challenges, Carina’s niche is pioneering new swims in the 15km – 30km distance range, with the focus on raising funds and awareness for organisations and causes that she feels passionate about. She is vocal about the misfortunes and injustices faced by the majority of people in her country (South Africa), and the difficulties faced by fellow musicians and creatives, especially as a result of Covid19, and tries to make a small difference through her swimming.

Her extensive swimming resume includes crossing the English Channel, the Gibraltar Straits, False Bay, Bonifacio Straits, Messina Straits, Triple Country (France – Monaco – Italy), Robben Island and dozens more, with many of her swims being firsts and/or record breaking feats. This International Marathon Swimming’s Hall of Fame nominee who was also ranked as one of the World Open Water Swimming Association’s top 50 most “daring, courageous and audacious” open water swimmers in the world, founded Swim For Hope in 2014, in order to raise funds and awareness for South African organisations that she supports, through her swimming challenges. The project has raised close to R750,000 since its inception, as well as media coverage worth approximately R1 million.

Role in Swimming Community


Swimming Interest

Marathon-Channel Swims

Special Honors

WOWSA Award Nominee

Race 25k & Under Special Honors

25k Finisher
20k Finisher
15k Finisher
10k Finisher
5k Finisher
1k Finisher

Special Honors Marathon/Channel Swimming

Strait of Gibralter
English Channel

Awards & Accomplishments

* International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Nominee
* One of WOWSA’s “TOP 50 most Daring, Courageous and Audacious” Open Water Swimmers in the World”
* Recipient of the Lewis Pugh Trophy for the most outstanding swim of the year (for crossing False Bay (36km)
* Recipient of the Supersport Champions Award

First person to swim:
- Triple Country Swim, France – Monaco – Italy (Nice to Venimiglia) 21km
- Walker Bay (Hermanus to Gansbaai) 21km
- Northern-most point of Africa – Bizerte, Tunisia 11km
- Danger Point, Gansbaai 10km

First female to swim:
- Cape Point 8km
- Nelson Mandela Bay 20km
- Cape Agulhas 11km

Held records (since broken) for:
- Straits of Gibraltar fastest female
- Around Robben Island 11km
- Cape Point
- Cape Agulhas

Goals in open water swimming

Finding new "unswum" waters and making a difference while enjoying the adventure!





What\'s in your swim bag?

15 caps, 1 pair of (foggy) goggles, pool buoy, watch, sun cream and an old apple




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