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I am a year round open water swimmer for over 15 years. I have successfully completed the English, North and Bristol Channels. I hold two Guinness World Records (Fastest male and Oldest Original Triple Crown Swimmer). I organise largest ice mile event in the world 2013-2023. I mentor, develop safety procedures, observer reporting and training. I am due to retire from full-time employment in July 2023. I am passionate about the sport and determined to see it succeed on the basis of honesty, integrity and effort.

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Race Director
Safety Personnel

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Marathon-Channel Swims
Ice Swimming

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Special Honors Marathon/Channel Swimming

Triple Crown
North Channel
English Channel

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Ice Mile

Awards & Accomplishments

He is certified as an IISA Official Observer L1 as of 1 March 2022.
He serves as an International Ice Swimming Association official.
He has completed 2 of the Oceans Seven's channels.
The member of the Eastern Bay Swim Team in Dublin, he swims year round at High Rock in Malahide (Dublin).
He recorded the first Inis Meáin to Rosaveel swim along the Galway Coast.
He pioneered the Dublin Bay 2-way swim in 2012.
He received the 2016 Sheena Paterson Spirit of Open Water Swimming Award from the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association.
He was recognized as an Honor Contributor – Administrator in the Class of 2020 of the Ice Swimming Hall of Fame.
He is an Honor Swimmer in the Hall of Fame – Marathon Swimming Ireland Class of 2020.
He is a certified ice swimmer for completing 2 sanctioned Ice Miles under the auspices of the International Ice Swimming Association.
He swam 28 minutes 49 seconds for an Ice Mile in February 2014 in Lough Dan, Co. Wicklow, Ireland in 4.40°C water and 4°C air.
He swam 28 minutes 50 seconds for an Ice Mile in February 2014 in Lough Dan, Co. Wicklow, Ireland in 4.60°C water and -4°C air.
He organized and completed the 4th Eastern Bay Invitational International Ice Mile Swim in Lough Dan Scout Centre, County Wicklow, south of Dublin, Ireland on 6 February 2016 in 26 minutes 44 seconds.
He completed the English Channel on 24 September 2011 in 12 hours 40 minutes. His English Channel crossing was the 12th fastest time by an Irish swimmer, 6th fastest Irishman, and fastest over age of 40.
He attempted a North Channel crossing in July 2012.
He completed the North Channel during his second attempt on 16 June 2014 in 12 hours 21 minutes.
As Ken McCarthy rowed, he swam from Howth to Skerries, covering a distance of 25.66 km in 6 hours 12 minutes on 8 July 2016
He was the safety chief and observer for Vanessa Daws' The Lambay Circumnavigation Swim in Ireland on 6 September 2016.
He achieved the Original Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming with the following 3 channel crossings:
On 23 September 2011, he completed a 33.5 km crossing of the English Channel in 12 hours 21 minutes.
On 16 June 2013, he completed a 35 km crossing of the North Channel in 12 hours 21 minutes.
On 20 September 2022, he completed a 40 km crossing of the Bristol Channel in 12 hours 40 minutes, the third person in history to swim the longest course from Ilfracombe to Swansea across the Bristol Channel.