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Mark Johnston is a highly accomplished swimmer, coach, and event manager with an impressive list of pool and open water achievements.

In the pool, Mark has earned USMS All-American Status seven times, FINA World Top 10 sixteen times, and several USMS National Championships.

In the open water, Mark has proven his mettle in various international competitions. Notably, he conquered the 26km Lake Zurich Marathon Swim in Switzerland, securing the 50+ age-group course record and 2019 Championship.

In 2022, he was the Non-Wetsuit Champion in the 21km Vidosternsimmet in Sweden, finishing in an impressive 10th place overall, and course record for non-wetsuits. Moreover, he achieved significant accolades in the Ibiza Ultramarathon, claiming the Non-Wetsuit title in and a remarkable 3rd place overall.

Mark has crewed for swimmers in the Portland Bridge Swim, Flathead Lake, SCAR, and The North Channel. He has directly worked with notable open water swimmers including Martyn Webster, Sarah Thomas, Craig Lenning, and John Batchelder.

As a coach, Mark earned recognition as the Colorado Masters Coach of the Year and the Denver Public Schools Coach of the Year. Mark was also a SwimTrek coach from 2016-2020 on the company’s Long Distance and Channel Training and Open Water Development tours.

Mark’s most significant accomplishment as an event manager was being nominated for the WOWSA 2020 Offering of the Year. Over 200 swimmers worldwide participated in his Virtual Grand Slam during the Covid epidemic.

With an extensive list of accomplishments and a passion for both pool and open water swimming, Mark continues to inspire others in the swimming community. He is currently the Head Coach and Owner of the Flathead Lake Open Water Swimmers in northwest Montana.

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