Swim For A Dream Across Zatoka Pucka

Swim For A Dream Across Zatoka Pucka

Courtesy of Sponsor My Swim, Huntington Beach, California.

Nearly 2 years ago, Adam Jerzykowski decided that he will make a 18.5 km solo swim across the Bay of Puck (Polish: Zatoka Pucka) in order to commemorate his grandfather and to do something good for others.

He produced a video with subtitles in over 20 different languages for people around the world to understand his personal goals and reasons behind this charity swim.

Jerzykowski has never trained swimming before, but his project is called ‘Swim For a Dream‘.

Swim For A Dream will raise money for three recognised Polish charities: Fundacja GAJUSZ, Caritas, and MG13.

For more information on Swim For A Dream, visit here.

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