Swim Free Around Manhattan Island

Swim Free Around Manhattan Island

Swim Free, a charity supported by RCN, is rolling out a special offer for open water swimmers together with the NYC Swim on October 8th.

Swim Free is offering an opportunity to swim around Manhattan Island in a NYC Swim-managed and -sanctioned Manhattan Island Marathon Relay Swim.

This allows swimmers interested in swimming around Manhattan – who may not want to swim the entire distance solo or who may want to participate on charity swim – to have the opportunity to swim in East, Harlem and Hudson Rivers with all the cumulative safety protection and navigational experience offered by NYC Swim for an entire day. Swimmers will never get tired of an ever-changing scenery around one of the great cities of the world.

New York City just looks, sounds and feels a lot different – more majestic, more placid, more serene – when experienced from the flowing rivers around the Big Apple. The views, the sounds and the ambience of Manhattan from the water’s surface is something that relatively few humans have experienced – and which NYC Swim is offering this year in October when the water is still relatively warm.

18 coveted spots (3 teams of 6 swimmers) can participate in the 28.5-mile circumnavigation of Manhattan Island. Teams can either enter themselves or Swim Free can match interested swimmers with other solo swimmers looking for team members.

Qualifications and fundraising details are located here. The deadline for qualification is September 16th.

It is rare that such opportunities present themselves to the global open water swimming community because the annual and always competitive Manhattan Island Marathon Swim is highly selective in choosing athletes for its limited field and requires thoughtful and comprehensive documentation of one’s qualifications and motivations. The time is now and the opportunity is here

Photo of the Swim Free Angels.

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