Swim Guide Continues To Expand Around The World

Swim Guide Continues To Expand Around The World

Courtesy of Madhu Nagaraja of Swim Guide.

Madhu Nagaraja leverages his knowledge of technology, his passionate for collaboration, and love of swimming to make the world a better place.

In addition to his winter swimming and marathon swimming activities, the time that he spends on coaching mentorship and his organizational skills, Nagaraja is an ambassador for Swim Drink Fish and a board director for the Swim Guide.

He explains, “Under the guidance of Mark Mattson, the Swim Guide app has over 2 million users. The Swim Guide is a mobile app (iPhone and Android) and a web-based platform that provides weather and water quality information on over 8,000 beaches around the world. The app is maintained by a large number of affiliates and supported by the Royal Bank of Canada. 

Swim Guide is a non-profit online beach information service and resource that provides information, facts and figures about beach and water quality around the world that can be accessed on Swim Guide’s website or downloadable as a smartphone app for iOS and Android.

With help from 100 affiliates, Swim Guide delivers up-to-date water quality information for over 8,000 beaches, lakes, rivers, and swimming holes. Swim Guide is active in Canada, the USA, Mexico, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Ireland, France, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, and Kenya, and is available in English, French, and Spanish. Beach names can be searched by region, province, state and territory.

On every Swim Guide beach page, the latest water quality information, an integrated map, weather updates, and customized information (e.g., amenities, lifeguards, how to get there, and where to park), date of the most recent testing, the responsible Swim Guide affiliate that verifies the water quality, together with integrated social media sharing tools. A Swim Guide newsletter and a “Report Pollution” function is also available.

Last year, Nagaraja talked about some of his many roles in the open water swimming world on WOWSA Live:

For more information on Swim Guide, visit www.theswimguide.org.

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