Swim Miami Postponed.  Embrace Different Opportunities

Swim Miami Postponed. Embrace Different Opportunities

Swim Miami Postponed. Embrace Different Opportunities

Courtesy of Jonathan Strauss, Miami, Florida.

The impact of the coronavirus around the world has been undeniable, especially for those early-season events like Swim Miami that was scheduled for April 26th with an 800m, Miami Mile, 5 km and 10 km races in Miami, Florida. Race director Jonathan Strauss announced, “Swim Miami 2020 has been indefinitely postponed and cannot be held on April 26th due to Covid-19. Please stay tuned for new dates.” He discussed the situation:

Daily News of Open Water Swimming: What is happening with Swim Miami? What are your plans to proceed?

Jonathan Strauss: We have postponed indefinitely and sitting at home in quarantine. Most of the goodies for the swimmers had been ordered already so we plan on rescheduling this year if possible. Not sure where this is headed but we definitely don’t want to test hurricane season either. If the government does not allow, we will set the 2021 date as soon as possible.

Daily News of Open Water Swimming: What do you recommend for swimmers training to race in Swim Miami?

Jonathan Strauss: I recommend taking this time to get super fit dryland-wise. There is such a wealth of live online classes now that are all amazing. The swimming will come back as long as you are fit. Make sure you test your physiological systems as well. Don’t stick to the same class over and over. It’s time to learn new things. Embrace this time to do something you never would have done.

Daily News of Open Water Swimming: What is the Swim Miami refund policy?

Jonathan Strauss: We had a no-refund policy. Our plan is to stick to that and give the swimmers currently registered an entry into the next event we host whether it takes place in 2020 or 2021. For out-of-towners, we will see how we can help them resolve their situation for attending on a case by case basis.

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For more information on Swim Miami, visit here.

2019 Swim Miami 10 km Top 10 Results:
1. Heidi Ullrich (21) 2:18:34.11
2. Sandra Frimerman (35) 2:18:34.51
3. Ashley Whitney (39) 2:24:13.58
4. Eric Sullivan (53) 2:30:00.03
5. Victor Mestre (51) 2:30:08.35
6. Merle Liivand (28) 2:30:37.51
7. Paul Fisher (47) 2:32:44.37
8. Mattea_Sokolow (14) 2:33:51.85
9. Kristen Vlaun (46) 2:37:00.84
10. Edmund Haskins (38) 2:39:18.26

2019 Swim Miami 5 km Top 10 Results:
1. Ian Friesen (16) 1:00:42.97
2. Liam Clawson-Honeyman (16) 1:00:55.60
3. Edouard Belanger (20) 1:01:16.34
4. Erwin Maldonado (35) 1:01:24.74
5. Maxime Gagnon (19) 1:02:21.39
6. Quinn Matteis (14) 1:04:15.25
7. Nestor Montero (17) 1:04:15.94
8. Charlie Kwinter (14) 1:04:16.97
9. Gabriel Araya (20) 1:04:21.49
10. Mia Desjarlais (18) 1:05:33.20

2019 Swim Miami 1-mile Top 10 Results:
1. Steven Aimable (20) 20:29.56
2. Cristian Tortola (17) 20:43.00
3. Ella Martinez (15) 20:44.56
4. Benjamin Carey (17) 20:46.81
5. Brandon Moran (17) 20:50.28
6. Leonardo Mateus (17) 21:00.06
7. Christian Perez (17) 21:00.31
8. Quinn Fitzgerald (36) 21:08.26
9. Enrique Rodriguez (14) 21:13.20
10. Ramses Rodriguez (47) 21:17.18

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