Swim N Pick At The Fiji Ocean Swim Series

Swim N Pick At The Fiji Ocean Swim Series

How many times have you been at the shoreline and encountered trash, thinking why did these people not pick up after themselves? Discarding of trash is such a simple action.

As part of the upcoming World Oceans Day, Paul McCoy of Pacific Swims did something about it. He organized the World Oceans Day ‘Swim N Pick’ in Fiji.

In addition to participating in the 0.7K, 2.5K or 5K swims or the 5 x 1K relays, Paul asks the swimmers to simply pick up the trash on the beach as part of the Fiji Ocean Swim Series.

A simple gesture. A grand gesture for our part to keep our marine environment clean and tidy.

The Fiji Ocean Swim Series‘ next event is May 22nd and 23rd at the Yatule Beach Resort Natadola with additional events in July, August, October and November.

We got a TV preview with mentions of the growing plastics problem in the world’s oceans and provided a short educational program with the kids and parents on plastics and our oceans, including information on Project Kaisei, followed by a beach clean up of Natadola.”

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Steven Munatones