Swim Ocean City Successful

Swim Ocean City Successful

The 1st Swim Ocean City event in Ocean City, Maryland was a successful in its inaugural 1- and 3-mile ocean swims and its 9-mile marathon swim.

The event, organized by Traci McNeil of Cross Currents Aquatics with the help of Corey Davis, was a charity swim for Brain Trauma Research at the John Hopkins Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation Program.

Davis road to recovery after his own accident several years ago was the inspiration for the swim.

At the Swim Ocean City event, Davis’ doctor showed up to cheer him on. He describes the remarkable recovery from Davis’ traumatic motorcycle accident in 2006 here. After 7 weeks in a coma and years of rehabilitation, Davis was back in the swim of things. Davis explained to Franco Prezioso that his recovery was like the event. “I couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of others. In the case of the Swim Ocean City event, Dave Speier, Traci McNiel and the Ocean City Beach Patrol were invaluable.”

Water temperatures dipped under 65℉, but the sun shone brightly. Prezioso recalls, “I hadn’t been to Ocean City for some time, but the hospitality of all of those involved had me wondering why it had been so long. I look forward to returning next year to swim and see my new and old friends.”

The official results by event:

9 Mile Non-Wetsuit Men
1st Place Mathew Durante – 4:45:19
2nd Place Thomas Bell – 4:48:08
3rd Place Franco Prezioso – 5:06:18
9 Mile Non-wetsuit Women
1st Traci McNeil – 4:22:00
2nd Suzzanna Aguilar Dann – 4:45:19
3rd Place Michele Walters – 5:06:18
9 Mile Wetsuit
1st Zach Goodman – 3:40:49
2nd Thomas Everett – 3:45:57
3rd David Speier – 3:55:27

3 Mile Non-Wetsuit Men
1st Peter Galan – 1:07:43
2nd Nick Breschi – 1:07:46
3rd Jonathan Dorsch – 1:12:47
3 Mile Non-wetsuit Women
1st Meredith Gouger – 1:09:47
2nd Kata Kyllianen – 1:14:42
3rd Cecelia O’Day – 1:42:08
3 Mile Wetsuit Men
1st Jonathan Shinnick – 1:14:37
2nd Jay Jacobs – 1:21:14
3rd Joseph Schweitzer – 1:21:41
3 Mile Wetsuit Women
1st Jennifer Downing – 1:14:24
2nd Amy Durdon – 1:21:55
3rd Kathy Mayan – 1:22:53

1 Mile Swim Non-Wetsuit Men
1st Ryan Witters – 0:30:52
2nd Kevin Williams – 0:33:21
3rd Michael Gamazaychikov – 0:33:49
1 Mile Non-wetsuit Women
1st Bridget Bartley – 0:29:59
2nd Christine Keislino – 0:34:13
3rd Marlene Becker – 0:34:24
1 Mile Wetsuit Men
1st Brian Myruski – 0:35:11
2nd Chris Llinas – 0:37:24
3rd Charles Marquardt – 0:42:06
1 Mile Wetsuit Women
1st Diana Temple – 0:33:25
2nd Corrine Banks – 0:34:38
3rd Tracey Wells – 0:34:38

Photo courtesy of Chefinista who gives her first-person account of the Swim Ocean City event here.

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