Swim Of Peace Ouma - Djerba In Tunisia

Swim Of Peace Ouma – Djerba In Tunisia

On June 2nd on Athenée Beach in Djerba, Tunisia, Nejib Belhedi organized an Ouma event. 450 children and teenagers as well as representatives from the United Kingdom, Italy, Malta, Tunisia, and Libya took part in the Swim of Peace Ouma – Djerba. Meanwhile, a sister swim of ouma was held on the same day in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.

At the invitation of Nejib Belhedi, swimmers from Adam Walker to Jackie Cobell participated in the event under the watchful eye of helicopters, escort boats, and ambulances.

For 2 hours, the weather held under calm seas off the coast of Tunisia last week. “The Ouma Academy in Djerba will open in Ouma 2014, the first Sunday of June. The community in Djerba readily adopted the concept and execution of our firs Ouma here. The kids very much enjoyed themselves,” reported Belhedi.

We were encouraged and assisted by a wide range of individuals from the Djerba Ulysse Association, Ajim Diving Club, boat pilots, Civilian Protection, Coast Guard, Tunisia Air Forces, Dr. Habib Belhedi, Djerba Sun Club, and the regional authorities while it was broadcast and reported by Al Watanyia TV, Al Janoubia TV, Lepetit Journal, Minitex News, Chems FM, Radio Jiktyss of Mednine, Radio Ulysse of Djerba, Radio Tataouine, and Tunisialive News.”

Belhedi has established excellent momentum in Tunisia through the ouma concept. The local and national media and volunteers as well as his international guests are helping him create growing waves of support.

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