Swim of the Week Winners [October 8-17th]

Swim of the Week Winners [October 8-17th]

Note: This week there was a small glitch in our voting system we apologize for the delay

Congratulations to this week’s winners of Swim of the Week!

This week there were 11 submissions and 50 votes from all over the world.

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The winning swims were from Michele Walters in first place, Tobias Prüßner & Tina Deeken in second place and third place Peter Plavec.

Topping up the happy hormones with a sunset swim at Loch Lomond, Scotland.

Inaugural DC Marathon Swim 2021

by Michele Walters

About Michele

(Coming soon)

Autumn Swim

By Tobias Prüßner & Tina Deeken

About Tobias

I am an open water and ice swimmer from Lage, Germany. My next challenges are to swim together with Tina Deeken in the Weser this autumn to draw attention to the pollution of the river and hopefully to swim an ice-swimming-event this winter.

North Channel 2021

By Peter Plavec

About Peter

An ice and marathon swimmer.

Thank you

And thank you to all the swimmers and voters who participated

Share your swim!

You know how it feels to swim in a tranquil lake or tough it out in a turbulent sea. Some days, you glide on the glassy surface feeling powerful and smooth. Other days, you swallow water amid a wild struggle against whitecaps. Some places, the cold water is so penetrating that your hands and feet feel no more. Other places, the warmth wraps you like a blanket, comfortably baking your skin feel. We want photos of these experiences…in the ocean, sea, lake or river, or reservoir. Your visuals will help tell your story. Through your photos, other swimmers can imagine how they would feel in that exact same scenario.

We would like to hear about – and see – your swim in order to share it with other like-minded aquatic adventurers. As you venture past the shoreline, we want to see where you swim in both beautiful and inhospitable locations. Rain or fog, morning or night, tranquil or turbulent, warm or cold, Arctic or tropical, bodysurfing or drafting – including all those you take photos during your short practices, simple dips, wild swims, marathons, channel crossings, stage swims or professional races.

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