Swim Or Not To Swim When You Are Sick

Swim Or Not To Swim When You Are Sick

If our nose is stuffed up, we still swim. If we have a stomach flu, we tend to stay in bed and recover.

What is the optimal strategy for swimming when your sick?

Some people use the neck as the decision-maker. That is, if symptoms of illness are above the neck, swimming is acceptable (sore throat or nasal congestion). Conversely, if the symptoms are below the neck (chest congestion, coughing), then rest and recover.

Of course, in the open water, things are less restrictive than in a pool. Just don’t cough towards your lane mates.

But what we have also observed is that cold water swimmers seem to build up a tremendous ability to stay well year-round, especially as compared with warm-water swimmers and their pool swimming colleagues.

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