Swim Together.  Swim, Wild And Free

Swim Together. Swim, Wild And Free

Swim Together. Swim, Wild And Free

Courtesy of WOWSA, Portugal.

SwimTogether is a new swimming holiday company in Portugal that was founded in 2019 by André Santos.

Santos and his colleagues (Mário Bonança, Francisco Cunha, Alfredo Santos, Bernardo Ferreira, Margarida Madeira, Filipe Fernandes, and Pedro Prazeres shown on left) offer swimming holidays, day camps and coaching across beautiful destinations in Portugal including Sesimbra, Lagos, Arrábida, Portimão, Gerês, Cascais, Benagil, and Arouca.

The bilingual SwimTogether team takes its swimmers to some of the most beautiful and spectacular locations in Portugal. Santos explains, “Our mission is to share the concept of possibility to everyone, regardless of their level of swimming, to do open water swimming freely with security and companionship in unique natural locations through close, informed, socially and environmentally responsible customer experience.

Our swimming trips are designed to be a balanced combination of relaxation and adventure. We spend a great deal of time planning each trip, ensuring that we offer high quality accommodations and a tailored experience that the swimmers will cherish.

We scouted, swum and selected each swim route that includes stops at fishing harbours, villages, remote islands and beaches for the swimmers to enjoy traditional Portuguese tavernas

SwimTogether also offers one-day tours:
* 3 km day swim in Sesimbra: Sesimbra Beach and Cave Tour [see here]
* 5 km day swim in Sesimbra: Sesimbra Abandoned Cape Tour [see here]
* 3 km day swim in Arrábida: Arrábida Island Tour [see here]
* Cascais: Cascais Beach and Cape Tour (see here]
* 3 km day swim in Lagos: Lagos Hidden Caves Tour [see here]
* 3 km day swim in Portimão: Portimão Hidden Paradise Tour [see here]
* 3 km day swim in Benagil: Benagil Caves Tour [see here]
* 3 km day swim in Gerês: Gerês Natural Park Tour [see here]
* 3 km day swim in Arouca: Three Rivers Tour [see here]

Their 6-day swimming holidays in Portugal include:
* Swim Camp Sesimbra (6 days of 3.5 km swims) in Sesimbra: [see here]
* Swim Camp Zêzere (6 days of 4 km swims) in Zêzere [see here]
* Swim Camp Algarve (6 days of 3 km swims) in Algarve [see here]

Swim Coaching Sessions and Training Camps with Mário Bonança [see here] offer opportunities to improve with the help of experienced swim coaches. The private sessions are led by Mário Bonança who was the first European to incorporate training, tactics and nutrition in the sport of open water swimming.

For more information, email info@swim-together.com or visit www.swim-together.com

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