Swim Training's Effects On The Rest Of Triathlon Training

Swim Training’s Effects On The Rest Of Triathlon Training

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Tri Specific‘s Kristian Manietta of Australia was interviewed about swimming training and how not to denegrate the rest of the triathlete’s training during the third session of the 2016 Global Swimming Summit.

Coach Manietta reiterated his perspectives during the 38-minute interview. “Triathletes should not think of swimming as the smallest part of the day. It can impact your entire day if you get out of the pool tired.

Triathletes can maximize pool training if they realize the differences between the pool and the open water because of sighting, the stroke length, and the close contact with their competitors.

Swimming in the open water and during triathlons is not textbook swimming. [Rather] it is a highly chaotic, highly competitive environment. [The triathlon swim leg] is preparing for the chaos and coming out unscathed

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