The Swim With A Lot To Lose Turned Into A Lot To Gain

The Swim With A Lot To Lose Turned Into A Lot To Gain

Simon Murie wrote about the Cancer Research Swim Team that crossed the Irish Sea on September 1st in a time of 35 hours and 18 minutes.

The relay featured Liane Llewellyn, Olly White, Becky Lewis, Nikki Fraser, Colm O’Neill, Jonathan Openshaw, Steve Parry, Ronan Keating, Pamela Stephenson, Jason Bradbury and Jenny Frost.

It was an inspirational 56-mile swim from all of the team members which featured both very experienced open water swimmers to celebrities who could literally barely swim a few months ago. The Wales – Ireland crossing is a good challenging swim but highly weather dependent. We were blessed by a front of high pressure which sat over the Irish Sea for the first few days of our window.

All of them managed at least one 1-hour swim. Whilst no one is claiming that the swim conformed to any Channel Swimming rules, the experienced swimmers all did it without wetsuits and every inch of the Irish Sea was swum from Holyhead to Wicklow.

Just to give you some idea of the scale of this event, there was literally a flotilla of 40 personnel on the crossing from swimmers to safety staff and film crew based over 5 vessels.

I am so proud of everyone who participated in an event whose chances of success were minimal at best. All of us (Cancer Research, SwimTrek, the experienced swimmers, celebs) had a lot to lose if it didn’t happen or something went wrong. Hopefully the programme will raise awareness of our sport as well as contributing to the £1 million target that Cancer Research are hoping to raise from its completion

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Steven Munatones