Swimmer Taking Leadership On Plastics And The Ocean

Swimmer Taking Leadership On Plastics And The Ocean

It makes sense: the individuals who are optimally positioned to understand the effects of pollution in the world’s oceans are open water swimmers.

Completely enveloped in the increasingly polluted marine environment, open water athletes swim into pollution, taste it, smell it and see it all the time. Their skin is exposed to it, they absorb it through their pores and they occasionally ingest it by swallowing ocean water.

So it makes sense that open water swimmer and the Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim director Doug Woodring is so central to the discussions and decision-making that is going on in Rio de Janeiro at the Plasticity Forum. Woodring is lobbying for many government changes and resources to help restore and improve the marine environment.

Tomorrow, Woodring speaks with Dr. Jane Lubchenko, one of the world’s most eminent marine ecologists and the head of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrator for the American government, about marine litter as the Rio Conference continues its tough negotiations. They will discuss what governments and individuals can do in order to play a more central and concrete role in improving the health of our oceans.

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Steven Munatones