Swimmers As Heroes, From Asia To Europe

Swimmers As Heroes, From Asia To Europe

Colin Hill, head of the Great Swim and guest speaker at the Global Open Water Swimming Conference, took part in the Byron Swim Festival, a 5K swim from Asia to Europe.

Colin placed first in 1 hour and 27 minutes. He had a great review of the event, “It was a tough swim. The tides were strong.”

“It felt like [we were going] the wrong direction for a lot of the swim, pretty choppy. About 15 out of the 158 swimmers didn’t wear wetsuits as it was 13°C (55.4°F). SwimTrek, the organizer, made everyone swim either 45 minutes without a wetsuit or 30 minutes with a wetsuit in a test swim the day before

Besides the swim where 150 people entered a rather choppy Hellespont, it was a great festival [celebrating the 200th anniversary of Lord Byron’s first swim’.

“With talks from the current Lord Byron – and Charles Sprawson, author of Haunts of the Black Masseur – the Swimmer as Hero, it was something to remember.

A video of the race can be seen here, showing Colin finishing first.

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Steven Munatones