Swimmers Have A Certain GLOW

Swimmers Have A Certain GLOW

Swimmers Have A Certain GLOW

Courtesy of WOWSA, Coronation Park Beach, Canada.

Between September 28th and 29th for 24 consecutive hours, the Great Lakes Trust will host a GLOW adventures 24-hour open water swimming event at Coronation Park Beach in Oakville, Ontario.

Madhu Nagaraja describes the event, “We love the Great Lakes. We love the open water. We want to raise $5,000 for Great Lakes Trust and 100% of all donations goes directly to the cause because we need to take care of these beautiful bodies of water.

A group of swimmers or paddlers will get together to spend anywhere from 20 minutes to 24 hours in/on/by Lake Ontario. To continue raising awareness of our Great Lakes, a donation amount of your choice can be made to the trust.

Solo swimmers sign up as a solo participant and complete 24 hours or 20 minutes or pick your time of swimming or paddling or kayaking or cleaning up the beach. Team relays can cover the entire 24 hours of swimming or paddling.

For more information, visit greatlakestrust.org or email maurocampanelli88@gmail.com.

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