Swimmers To Start Questioning Open Water Race Directors

Swimmers To Start Questioning Open Water Race Directors

Swimming World Magazine posted an editorial on open water swimming safety here.

The article identified a number of questions that USA Swimming has recommended that its swimmers ask of race directors. These questions include:

1. Who is the race committee chair, the chief referee, safety officer, clerk of course, recorder and medical officer?
2. What are the anticipated conditions, including air/water temperatures, tides, currents and potential hazardous marine life?
3. What is the contact information and location for local emergency, local hospital and local pharmacy?
4. What medical personnel will be on-site and at the venue, and what law enforcement agency will have control over the venue?
5. What is the lifeguard/first-responder plan?
6. What are the exact dates, times and locations for the race, technical meeting and pre-race briefing?
7. Will water quality tests be conducted within 24 hours prior to the race, and will those results be distributed to the participants?
8. Will there be a copy available of the written emergency plan, from incident to medical care?
9. Will there be a satellite image of the venue showing the proposed course (with dimensions), buoys, safety craft, feeding station(s), expected currents, potential hazards, on-shore landmarks and an emergency way out?
10. Is there a detailed map of teh start, finish, turns and position of safety craft?
11. What are the withdrawal procedures, and what penalties, if any, will apply to those who withdraw?

With nearly 90 race directors from around the world already registered for the upcoming Open Water Swimming Safety Conference, it will be interesting to learn how many race directors either have or provide some or all of this information, either online or upon request.

Along with race directors from events held in oceans, lakes, bays and rivers, over 100 administrators, officials, coaches and swimmers will converge on San Francisco from March 18th-20th for the Open Water Swimming Safety Conference sponsored by U.S. Masters Swimming and Pacific Masters Swimming.

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Steven Munatones