Swimming All Day.  Nadine's Passion In Life

Swimming All Day. Nadine’s Passion In Life

Nadine Day is the personable president of U.S. Masters Swimming. While she is an able administrator and world record holder in masters swimming and multi-time world champion and national champion in the pool, she is truly fluid and graceful in the open water.

This grace in the ocean is not surprising given the fact that the 43-year-old physical therapist from Danville, Illinois grew up in Hawaii and won four consecutive Waikiki Roughwater Swims in the 1980’s before she moved from the island of Oahu to far away on the mainland to go to college. We remember her as a hard worker in the pool with a fiery competitive spirit in the ocean and a bright smile on land.

Some things never change.

Daily News of Open Water Swimming: How did you end up in the mainland after growing up on Oahu?
Nadine Day: I attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois where I met my husband who is from Danville, Illinois. We moved to Danville to help his grandparents and have stayed ever since.

Daily News of Open Water Swimming: Has your stroke changed at all over the years?
Nadine Day: Yes, due to back issues, shoulder issues and the latest vestibular issues. Also, with assistance of technology, we are able to decrease drag better and improve body position in the water.

Daily News of Open Water Swimming: Has your training changed over the years?
Nadine Day: Yes, being a mother, working, coaching and volunteering impact my swimming. At the moment, I am not consistent; I swim 1-2 times per week 30 minutes, no more than a hour.

Daily News of Open Water Swimming: What swims have you done during your masters years that you are most proud of? What was a disappointing swim/race for you?
Nadine Day: I do not get disappointed in swimming or racing; I know it sounds funny, but, I blame myself if I do not put in the work. Plus I am very grateful to be able to swim. I love racing and wish I could do it more. Racing is fun, because you get to meet so many people.

Daily News of Open Water Swimming: What did you learn from that disappointing swim/race? Nadine Day: I am always learning. First and foremost, putting in the work helps. Every race I swim I always have take aways; such as head down, increase tempo, pacing, better understanding of water conditions.

Daily News of Open Water Swimming: Why did you want to become the USMS president?
Nadine Day: I think first of all I was asked. I was a vice president and the other vice presidents were not going to run. I was in the position and had the support of my husband to do this.

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