Swimming Along The Clean Half Of Hong Kong Island

Courtesy of Doug Woodring at the Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim in Hong Kong

The 8th annual Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim from Stanley to Deepwater Bay was a 15 km relay race and solo event in some fairly extreme conditions, but warm water on the “clean half” of Hong Kong’s Island where the water is great in October.

Conditions in this race were tough due to the full moon and the strong outgoing current. There were 65 teams of 5 people and 24 solo swimmers.

More information can be found at www.openwaterasia.com. “We hope that people will become stronger Ocean Ambassadors for the community as a result of being closer and more appreciative of the water we like and use for our training and racing. Your support is welcome at www.oceanrecov.org.”

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Steven Munatones