Swimming At 0.8ºC

Swimming At 0.8ºC

Vadim Lisovoy and Vadim Ilyuschenko reported on the results of the recent Tyumen Open Winter Swimming Cup 2013 where the following swimmers competed in water at 0.8ºC (33.4ºF) in Siberia:

Whereas most humans would be struggling to merely survive for a few moments at 0.8ºC, these swimmers are racing and pushing themselves to levels that are unimaginable to anyone but these elite athletes.

Men’s results in the famed ice hole:
1. Henri Kaarma (Estonia) 2,400 meters in 41:57:09
2. Andrey Sychev (Russia) swam 1,850 meters in 46:37:82
3. Ram Barkai (South Africa) swam 1,500 m in 28:32:94

Women’s results in the famed ice hole:
1. Alina Tsyplenkova (Russia) swam 1,050 meters in 32:42:19
2. Elena Semenova (Russia) swam 950 meters in 32:41:98
3. Natalia Gray (Russia) swam 800 meters in 24:00:84
4. Olga Sokolova (Russia) swam 700 meters in 22:49:53
5. Elena Guseva (Russia) swam 600 meters in 12:29:37
6. Tatiana Chistyakov (Russia) swam 550 meters in 20:17:44

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