Swimming At Scale

Swimming At Scale

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Nejib Belhedi broke his boat-pulling record (by weight) by pulling a 1014-ton ship 425 meters in 35 minutes [shown above] on May 22nd.

He was harnessed in with a heavy cable system tethered around his chest in order to accomplish the boat pull [Iron Swim1000].

Belhedi, together with Minister Majdouline Cherni of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Tunisia and Imed Jabri, Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, will host the upcoming Global Open Water Swimming Conference at the Bizerta Hotel Resort in Tunis between September 9th – 13th.

The 2017 Global Open Water Swimming Conference will cover and discuss open water swimming’s niche disciplines (marathon swimming, channel swimming, ice swimming, winter swimming, stage swimming, wild swimming, high-altitude swimming, and mass participation swims, Olympic 10K Marathon Swim, FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix series, and FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup series) where Shelley Taylor-Smith, Ger Kennedy, Rory Fitzgerald, and other luminaries will speak.

The 2017 Global Open Water Swimming Conference will be held September 9th – 11th; Ouma will be held September 12th at Sidi Salem Beach at the Bizerta Resort Hotel, and a World Iron Swim will be held September 13th in the Bizerta Channel.

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