Swimming All Day And Night (Train)

Swimming All Day And Night (Train)

The Night Train Swimmers are teaming up with three outstanding Mexican endurance swimmers to attempt a non-stop open water swimming relay world record.

The swim, billed as the Mexican American Unity Swim 2010, is expected to take an estimated 60 hours.

Vito Bialla, Matthew Davie and Phil Cutti from the San Francisco Bay area and three Mexican marathon swimmers, including International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Nora Toledano, two-time Olympian Pat Kohlmann and Edna Llorens, will attempt to break the existing non-stop open water swimming relay record of 75 nautical miles in Lake Powell, Arizona on September 24th.

The Mexican American Unity Swim 2010 will raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project and Por Ellas.

The Night Train Swimmers have been dedicated to pursuing this record and our fellow Mexican swimmers will help us achieve our goal,” said Vito.

Our hopes are to show the world that great things can be achieved when two sides come together to help other people; to us that’s what truly matters.”

The team remains undaunted – and in fact are increasingly driven by their previous failures at setting a record. Their latest attempt was in the Sea of Cortez where jellyfish proved their doom. Despite the storms in their last attempt and the deep scars that the venomous jellyfish left on the swimmers, the group swam for 37 hours while covering 63.8 nautical miles in the Sea of Cortez.

But setting a record in the unpredictable ocean is difficult. Doing it in a lake is better suited for a record-breaking attempt.

Lake Powell’s tranquility and scenic beauty is an ideal location to break the current record of 75 nautical miles that was previously set by two international team of swimmers (one male and one female) on Lake Taupo, the largest lake in New Zealand, in 2009. Accounts of the existing record can be found international team of swimmers and here.

The women’s team of Julie Bradshaw (England), Michelle Macy (USA), Barbara Pellick (Australia), Penny Palfrey (Australia), Lucy Roper (England) and Heather Osborn (New Zealand) completed the 126K relay triple-crossing of Lake Taupo in 33 hour 33 minutes 45 seconds. The men’s team included Steve Junk (Australia), Mark Cockroft (New Zealand), Dougal Hunt (Australia), Chris Palfrey (Australia) and Stephen Spence (Australia) who finished in 33 hours 31 minutes 15 seconds.

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