Swimming Faster And Faster In The English Channel

Swimming Faster And Faster In The English Channel

With the English Channel and Catalina Channel season soon to get underway, hundreds of marathon swimmers around the world are in the middle of their hard training.

While every swim is a victory, the world record progression for the fastest times in the English Channel is below (irrespective of direction).

With the exception of 4 swims, all record swims were done in August. Georges Michel, Chad Hundeby and Trent Grimsey broke the record in September and Penny Dean broke it in July.

The record holders are an international lot: from the UK, Italy, USA, Germany, France, Egypt, Denmark, Turkey, UAE and Bulgaria.

1875 Captain Matthew Webb (UK) 21:45 (England-France)
1923 Enrico Tiroboschi (Italy) 16:33 (France-England)
1926 Gertrude Ederle (USA) 14:39 (France-England)
1926 Ernest Vierkoetter (Germany) 12:40 (France-England)
1926 Georges Michel (France) 11:05 (France-England)
1950 Hassan Abdel Rehim (Egypt) 10:50 (France-England)
1960 Helge Jensen (Denmark/Canada) 10:23 (England-France)
1964 Barry Watson (UK) 9:35 (France-England)
1976 Tina Bischoff (USA) 9:03 (England-France)
1976 Wendy Brook (UK) 8:56 (England-France)
1977 Nasser el Shazley (UAE) 8:45 (England-France)
1978 Penny Lee Dean (USA) 7:40 (England-France)
1994 Chad Hundeby (USA) 7:17 (England-France)
2005 Christof Wandratsch (Germany) 7:03 (England-France)
2007 Petar Stoychev (Bulgaria) 6:57 (England-France)
2012 Trent Grimsey (Australia) 6:55

* On the same day (August 21st 1977) Nasser el Shazly set a new world record of 8:45, Elsayed Elsadah (8:52) and Alawi Mekki (8:54) also dipped under the existing world record.

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