Swimming For A Carrot

Swimming For A Carrot

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

41-year-old Jonty Warneken became history’s first disabled swimmer to completed an Ice Mile. The amputee who lost a leg in a car accident jumped in the 4.8ºC water temperatures in Ellerton Park, near Catterick on January 26th.

I have been outdoor swimming for a while now and took part in a number of 10 km swims as well as lake swims before I started to think about the Ice Mile,” explained Warneken to the Harrogate Advertiser.

When I realized that no other disabled person had done it, well that was a big carrot I couldn’t refuse.”

Under the watchful eye of his coach Pauline Squire, he prepared carefully for the 58-minute inversion in the cold. “This isn’t something you can just jump in and do, it’s very dangerous and you need a team around you who understand the cold.”

With an Ice Mile under his cap, Warneken is enthusiastic for others to join the sport in either the cold or warm. “Swimming doesn’t hurt, I don’t wear my prosthetic leg and it’s so refreshing doing it. Outdoor swimming is so inclusive I don’t know why more disabled people aren’t getting involved. The mantra is very much ‘complete not compete’.”

Warneken’s eloquently explains his experience to Stray FM radio here.

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