Swimming From Coast To Coast

Swimming From Coast To Coast

LA Tri Club is back at it again with an innovative event to raise money for those who have yet learned to swim. One of the largest multi-sport clubs in the world is organizing the second annual Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge on May 20th.

Their challenge: everyone collectively swims 2,462 miles in one day in one pool with 100% of monies raised to paying for swim lessons for deserving children. The distance equals the number of miles between New York and Los Angeles.

The Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge was created to heighten awareness of that drowning is the greatest cause of death among children under the age of 14 in California with near-drownings another significant problem. In the first year, Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge saw nearly 500 swimmers rack up to close to 1,000 miles. Stanley Leventhal, who is a lifetime member of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation, swam for six hours straight in the inaugural event – and will be back in 2012.

LA Tri Club‘s goal during the 17-hour event held in Culver City, California from 5 am to midnight, is to raise at least US$40,000 that would provide free swim lessons to 1,000 children.

Participants can swim like Stanley or in more reasonable time durations of one (US$25), two (US$35) or three (US$45) 30-minute stages with different price points. But if the participant is one of the exclusive 75 spots reserved for Launchers (swimming between 5-8 am) and Closers (swimming between 9 pm – midnight), the donation goes up (US$65) for the good cause. “The Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge gives people a chance to get a great workout at one of the Southland’s top aquatic centers while raising funds to provide free swim instruction for kids who otherwise could not afford lessons,” said Larry Turkheimer, LA Tri Club co-founder.

With hundreds of miles of beachfront and seashores along the Southern California corridor from south Orange County to Ventura, the ability to help young members of society become safe in the water and experience the fun of swimming is greatly appreciated.

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Steven Munatones