Swimming From Country To Country, Continent To Continent

Swimming From Country To Country, Continent To Continent

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

England to France
Scotland to Northern Ireland
China to Taiwan
U.S.A. to Canada
Cuba to U.S.A.
Mexico to Cuba
Russia to Japan
Chile to Argentina
Japan to Taiwan
Jamaica to Cuba
Hong to Macau
India to Sri Lanka
Jordan to Egypt
Mozambique to Madagascar
Denmark to Germany

There is something very special about swimming from country to country.

There is also something extraordinarily special about swimming from continent to continent:

Spain to Morocco
Papua New Guinea to Indonesia
Russia to Alaska

But one inter-continental crossing is within the capabilities of many individuals: the Hellespont and Dardanelles swim.

The iconic Europe-to-Asia Hellespont and Dardanelles Swim is always in high demand with open water enthusiasts traveling from all four corners of the world,” says Mark Burgess of SwimTrek. “This year is no different with places going at a record pace. So if you’ve been considering 2014 as your year to attempt the Hellespont, act quick to secure your place before they are all gone.”

The 4.5 km Hellespont and Dardanelles Swim is held on August 30th each year. “The world’s most concentrated shipping lane comes to a halt as swimmers race between the two continents of Europe and Asia,” Burgess explains. “This challenging current-assisted swim is steeped in mythology and history following in the wake of Leander and Lord Byron, and is part of the Turkish Victory Day celebrations.”

With a start in Eceabat and a finish in Çanakkale, Turkey, host organizer SwimTrek rolls out its red carpet between August 28th and 31st. Besides the current-assistance swim that whisks the swimmers from the Europe to Asia, the four-day SwimTrek event offers a coaching clinic, acclimatisation swim, pre- and post-race dinners, and optional tours to Troy and Gallipoli.

Prices from £460GBP includes accommodation, breakfast, coaching clinic, acclimatization, and entry into the Hellespont and Dardanelles Swim, pre-race dinner and post-race celebration, but does not include flights or transfers. For more information, visit here.

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