Swimming From San Francisco To Los Angeles

Swimming From San Francisco To Los Angeles

The sport of open water swimming has entered its Age of Exploration when individuals are discovering how far they can swim and how tough they really are under arduous conditions in the open water.

From extreme swims in very cold or very warm waters to swims with high degree of risks in water where sharks, alligators and hippos reside, men and women are extending themselves beyond what was deemed possible even a few years ago.

The San Francisco to Los Angeles relay is one of these aquatic adventures. 330 miles or 531 kilometers by 6 swimmers, starting at San Francisco Bay and ending in Los Angeles, is a mind-boggling attempt to set a new world relay record.

With Vito Bialla at the helm, the team of six is scheduled to start from San Francisco Bay on September 23rd, 2012 and take one-hour shifts with no wetsuits for up to 7 days and nights, until they have traversed the coast of California to Los Angeles. “The team was selected based on compatibility, endurance ability and availability,” explained Vito, an accomplished sailor who understands the risks and challenges of the ocean. “I think once we get passed Monterey we can relax, although Point Conception is always dicey. The U.S. Coast Guard loves the idea. We have their support and we have all the appropriate weather tide information from the San Francisco Bar Pilots membership.

It takes a group of truly hardy individuals – people who regularly swim in San Francisco Bay year-round – to even contemplate this idea, let alone attempt to complete it. “I figure each swimmer will have 24 one-hour shifts. Joe Locke, Darrin Connolly, Kim Chambers, Patti Bauernfeind and Phil Cutti are aboard. It’s the mission that counts and we can’t have any hiccups under any circumstances. On day five, I imagine we will really get to know one another.”

From the international relay-setting record in Lake Taupo in 2009 to the Ventura Deep Six 202-mile relay in 2010, open water swimmers have really stepped it up a notch. Now, the Night Train Swimmers of San Francisco are going to head to the realm of the unknown in this Age of Exploration.

How far, how tough, how adventurous.

That is the name of game for the Night Train Swimmers and its unprecedented SF to LA swim.

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Steven Munatones