Swimming Hard With The Dolphins In St. Croix

Swimming Hard With The Dolphins In St. Croix

Bryson Mays and Ashley Twitchell won the St. Croix Dolphins 1-mile Sea Swim, a race with a great start off of Frederiksted Pier, beautiful middle and picturesque finish.

Bryson, a local 15-year-old, beat 80 college men in a time of 21 minutes and 36 seconds. Ashley Twichell, a senior at Duke University, was the top female swimmer while taking second overall at 21:41.

In a deference to his older counterparts, Bryson told the Virgin Islands Daily News, “I know most of the college kids weren’t racing full speed, but it’s still a good feeling to take first overall.” But Bryson was all business from the start from Frederiksted Pier with a traditional conch start. “[Ashley] came up pretty close at the midway buoy, but then I started to kick.”

But Ashley may have been distracted. “This race was just so beautiful. I saw some fish along the way and I couldn’t get over the scenery,” she gushed to the Virgin Islands Daily News. “It’s such a great trip for us. Everyone is so nice and it’s a great experience for our team. It’s a vacation, but we work hard.”

Photos by the Virgin Islands Daily News.

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