Swimming Holidays In The Arctic Circle

Swimming Holidays In The Arctic Circle

Open water swimmers just cannot get enough of their sport. Swimming before and after work…weekdays and weekends…and on vacation.

John Coningham-Rolls specializes in this niche market, promoting all different kinds of swim vacations* under the myriad options available with Coningham-Rolls Swimming Holidays.

One example of the unconventional type of swim holiday is his tour of the Lofoten Islands within the Arctic Circle in Norway. Offered at £2,545 per person, the trip is ideal for an adventurous week of swimming in water 11oC to 15oC (in August due to the warmth of the Gulf Stream) 1 – 4 km per day for six nights with a maximum size group of 12 individuals.

For more information, visit swimquest.uk.com. For the Lofoten Islands tour, visit here.

How surfers enjoy the cold and waves of Lofoten Islands

* A swim holiday is otherwise known as a swim trekswim safariswim campswim clinictraining campsea trekopen water swimming tourswim campswimming camp, or swimcation.

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