Swimming in an Aqueous Solution of Iron Filings

Swimming in an Aqueous Solution of Iron Filings

“Today, I did a test with my SharkBanz worn around my ankle while swimming for 15 minutes offshore in Huntington Beach, California around 3 pm on a calm, overcast Monday afternoon,” said Steven Munatones.

The SharkBanz product is a shark deterrent tool that utilizes magnetic technology to create an effective shark deterrent that is always on and requires no batteries and no charging. It is basically a big magnet.

SharkBanz before swim
SharkBanz after swim

What does this mean? “I guess there are a plethora of unseen microscopic iron filings that ocean swimmers and surfers swim through every single time they get in the Pacific Ocean in this area,” guessed Munatones. “It is probably best not to swallow any water.”

Educator Ken Finn of the Exploratorium, a museum of science, technology, and arts in San Francisco, gives insight why this iron – magnetic mineral magnetite – may be found in Southern California ocean waters as well as Ocean Beach in San Francisco:

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