Swimming In The Ocean Is My Ultimate Joy

Swimming In The Ocean Is My Ultimate Joy

Theodore Yach of South Africa has released a fascinating book called In My Element.

In My Element comes out of his various talks and presentations on swimming and is chalk full of episodes, life experiences and advice.

Swimming in the ocean is my ultimate joy,” he explained to the South Africa Business Day newspaper.

Feeling the rhythm of the sea and adapting to it is when I am most happy with life…there are no boundaries, no lane ropes to constrain me, and very few other people to disturb me. I like that. It suits my personality.”

The son of an Olympic water polo player and prolific ocean swimmer, Yach is a successful commercial real estate developer when on terra firma. He talks about the commonalities of work and open water swimming. “I love my work. There are distinct similarities with swimming and the kind of investment property I do. It’s long term, just as swimming is. Your preparation and mindset have to be that you may not achieve your goals on your first attempt. So dealing with failure is something that I have had to understand and embrace.”

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Steven Munatones