Swimming In Place With The BOWSWIM

Swimming In Place With The BOWSWIM

Training in the front yard of Eney Jones in Colorado seems like fun (see below).

But what does she use to hold the triathletes and open water swimmers in position as they swim upstream in Boulder Creek in view of majestic Rocky Mountains?

The same things that she used in a pool: a BOWSWIM® Resistance Swimming System.

It is good [for] open water training. It is how you can train in a pool and get into the beauty of no walls. It helps you self correct your stroke, train in hotels, and takes the excuse of not being able to swim. It clamps to the ladder or you can hold it like Angela was in the creek (see below),” explains Jones. As the snow melts in the Rocky Mountains, a tremendous amount of mountain run-off comes pouring down from above as it flows downstream the lower altitudes. “The last week in June and first week in July are perfect for upstream swimming with the BOWSWIM.”

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