Swimming In The Sahara, Ouma And Oases Of Open Water

Swimming In The Sahara, Ouma And Oases Of Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Nejib Belhedi will be greeting many Tunisian and some foreign guest swimmers in Tozeur, Tunisia for the Ouma of Dunes 2014 event from May 24th – 27th.

For open water swimmers who are fans of Hollywood films, the locations of the Ouma of Dunes sites include many oases and were used as filming locations for the Star Wars movies, Raiders of The Lost Ark, The English Patient, and The X-Files.

Our Ouma modula program will be a combination of relaxation, travel, enjoyment, and education and motivation for children,” Belhedi explains.

The Ouma of Dunes will kick-off the Saharan swimming circuit where children and adults can swim in natural clean bodies of water in the Tunisian Sahara desert. The program will include events in Tozeur, Tamerza, Chebika, Nefta (shown above), Ksar Ghilane, Tataouine (site of the famous cave dwellings), Douz (called the ultimate palm oasis), and Matmata.”

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Steven Munatones