Santorini Swimming , An Experience From Coast To Caldera

Santorini Swimming , An Experience From Coast To Caldera

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The second annual Santorini Experience returns to Greece on October 7th-9th.

The swimming and running wellness event includes open water swimming from the volcano to the old port of Fira under the direction of open water swimming coach and Technical Director Nikos Gemelos.

Greece’s most experienced and global open water swimmers are lending their support including Olympic marathon swimmers Spyros Gianniotis and Kelly Araouzou. Additionally, other leading Greek open water swimming athletes like Antonis Fokaidis, Giorgos Arniakos, and Dimitris Negris join forces with their tourism and marathon running colleagues to make Santorini a unique event.

With their recommendations, the swim courses are both beautiful and can be challenging.

Concurrently, various running routes are used between Oia with Fira overlooking the volcanic caldera, also designed by some of Greek’s most accomplished marathon runners.

The Mayor of Santorini Anastasios Nikolaos-Zorzos said, “Last year we started Santorini Experience that is becoming an institution for the island. Santorini Experience gives visitors the opportunity to combine wellness with the unique nature of the island, to live an explosive experience. We are trying to highlight another face of the island, the athletic side.”

The President of the Municipal Sports Cultural Environmental Organization of Santorini Eleftherios Tzouros said, “This journey is where man and nature become one with respect and love. This marriage of nature – human and culture is a unique experience that we expect you to live.”

With the assistance of the Hellenic Swimming Federation, the event will be broadcast by FOX internationally.

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